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Omaha City Council Journals 2008-Feb 2010

Analysis of the Polling Station Reductions in Douglas County

We have put together a report on the recent reduction in polling stations decreed by Election Commissioner Dave Phipps along with some brief analysis of the past ten years of voting patterns. Commissioner Phipps has backtracked considerably from his original position, although it remains to be seen to what extent the changes already in place will affect the upcoming votes.

1 comment to Analysis of the Polling Station Reductions in Douglas County

  • esoterikgirl

    Voting is a fundamental American right. It is one considered so basic, we are asked to sacrifice our lives and the lives of our sons and daughters and our mothers and fathers to protect and extend it.

    When the act of voting is restricted through contrived acts by officials who make the right more and more difficult for the populace to exercise, our constitutional principles are compromised and our nation’s democracy is put at risk. That means officials who are actively thinking up ways to limit this necessary democratic practice are treasonous.

    To those most interested in preserving liberty, this latest move suggests yet another attempt to stifle participation in our free election process. It’s an alarming trend, indeed, and one which should be investigated fully and addressed openly whenever it appears.

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