May 20 – Omaha Gives day

You can donate to PRI from now through May 20.

One of PRI’s most important recent projects was to analyze Nebraska’s child welfare system (download 583kb) and make recommendations to improve results for all the many children and families caught up in the system.

Watch a moving news story about one of our listening sessions.



PRI Publications

Diversity Report Card: Grades and Ranking of Social Service Providers Located in the Omaha Area Based on Staff and Board Diversity (914Kb pdf) by Andrea Purdy and Karen Abrams, MPH. Revised December 1, 2013.

Mass Incarceration: A Review of the Literature on Structural Racism within the U.S. Criminal Justice System (161Kb pdf) by Andrea Purdy. Published May 8, 2013.

Report and Recommendations to Overhaul Nebraska’s Child Welfare System (583Kb pdf) by Karen Abrams, MPH et al. Published February 20, 2013.

Strategic Recommendations for Changing Nebraska’s Child Welfare System (138Kb pdf) by Karen Abrams, MPH and Melanie Smotherman-Williams. Published November 12, 2012.

The disproportionate removal of minority children (Black and Native American) from their families by the Nebraska Department of Health and Social Services. (63kb pdf) By Jack Dunn. Published by PRI October 25, 2012.

The Variables Most Closely Associated With Academic Achievement: A Review of the Research Literature (285Kb pdf) by Karen Abrams, MPH and Fanying Kong, PhD Published October 10, 2012.

Research Update: What is Tax Increment Financing (and Why Should Anyone Care)? by Ji Hyung-Park and Ken Kriz, PhD Published September 10, 2012.

Fiscal Comparisons for Nebraska, 2009-10 by John Bartle, PhD Published May 4, 2012.

Analysis of the Polling Station Reductions in Douglas County.  by Jack Dunn, MSSW. Published April 3, 2012.

The Need for Cultural Proficiency in OPS by Karen Abrams, MPH.   Published November 3, 2011.

What is Tax Increment Financing (and Why Should Anyone Care)? by John J. (Jack) Dunn, MSSW.   Published March 21, 2011.

Fiscal Comparisons for Nebraska, 2008-09 by John Bartle, PhD   Posted November 26, 2010.

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