May 20 – Omaha Gives day

You can donate to PRI from now through May 20.

One of PRI’s most important recent projects was to analyze Nebraska’s child welfare system (download 583kb) and make recommendations to improve results for all the many children and families caught up in the system.

Watch a moving news story about one of our listening sessions.





The Progressive Research Institute of Nebraska is a 501(C)(3) tax-exempt public benefit corporation organized exclusively for charitable and educational purposes. In accord with our mission statement, this organization researches and publishes information for the people of the Omaha metropolitan area and the State of Nebraska to use in political and economic decision-making.

Local issues are the nuts and bolts of democracy. There is a lot of source material but few readily available analyses and studies of city, county and state issues. Publicly available, widely distributed studies help create informed citizens who can make better decisions about the direction they want their government to take.

Our goal is to help people weigh information for themselves. We often promote “unconventional” viewpoints which otherwise tend to get overlooked, but we also embrace a diversity of perspectives, lest we suffer from confirmation bias and the “echo chamber” effect. [This paragraph comes from ASPO USA, but expresses our sentiments exactly.]

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